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Unleash The Value Of Your Business  

— Preparing world-class leaders to create world-class organisations


Many leaders of growing companies reach a point where they feel overwhelmed by the thought of adding more customers, employees, or locations. 


Additionally, the increased revenue doesn't always translate into more profits, making them question if scaling up is even worth it.

However, running a business is all about achieving freedom.


With Peak Growth, business owners can learn how to attain this freedom, regardless of the size or complexity of their business.

Using our proven solution, practical tools and world-class insights, you can free up your time to focus on the crucial activities that drive growth, while ensuring that everyone in your business is working towards executing your plan.

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As a certified member of the global Scaling Up Coaches Organisation, we help our clients grow the value of their organisations through the adoption of the award-winning Scaling Up Methodology®. Focusing on People, Strategy, Execution and Cash, the four decisions every business needs to get right to scale.

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Our mission is to support entrepreneurs and business leaders to significantly increase the value of their organisations, with the ultimate goal of freedom of time.


We have helped hundreds of businesses to achieve impressive growth and success, through our award-winning methodology, practical tools, and vast network of entrepreneurs and business experts.


As business owners, we intimately understand the challenges of entrepreneurship and can offer practical insights and strategies. With our guidance, our clients confidently navigate the path to sustainable growth, achieving extraordinary results and the lives they dream of.


Leon Mundey, founder and Coach, Peak Growth.

What Our Clients Say

Certainly Wood


"We engaged Leon as we were looking to scale up the business. Leon was a massive help, not only in his structure and approach but also the vital support in keeping the project moving forward. We continue to work with Leon and the Scaling Up methodology to really drive change in the business."

- Nic Snell, MD, Certainly Wood.

Greg Slamowitz's Scaling Up Success Story - From Burnout to a $200 Million Exit

Greg Slamowitz, a Scaling Up client, shares his journey from struggling with 35 employees and $2.5 million EBITDA to exiting his business for $200 million in cash.


Discover how hiring a Scaling Up coach and implementing the methodology transformed his business and life, attributing $100 million of the exit value to his investment in Scaling Up.


Watch his conversation with Verne Harnish, the founder of the Scaling Up coaching organisation.

Our Coaching Programmes

Free Scaling Up Tools

12 free Scaling Up tools for your business

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