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Leon Mundey - Scaling Up Coach and Peak Growth founder

Following a 25 year business career, which included operating as a main board director for an international group, Leon brings a wealth of real-world experience to his work.

As a Certified Scaling Up Coach, Leon works with 100's of ambitious business owners, CEOs and leadership teams, helping them on their growth journey to create significant, successful businesses.

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Dead Sea

Our Values 

Embrace Continuous Learning - Stay curious and committed to personal and professional growth at all times.

Humility Over Hubris - Recognise how our egos can impact our work negatively and strive to keep them in check.

Value Wisdom - Acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers and appreciate those who enlighten and guide us.

Shape Our Future - Choose discipline to avoid regrets and actively create the life we aspire to live.

Collaborate and Connect - Build strong relationships and work together to achieve more than we could alone.

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